Amazing weekend.




Super vikend v super družbi :)! V soboto smo se odpravili v Planico in preizkusili novi zipline. “Malce” dretja iz moje strani vendar super občutek in neverjeten razgled iz vrha :) Spali v smo v lušnih kočicah v kampu Bled, naslednji dan pa nekaj hoje do razgledne točke in najlepši razled na Bled ter malce razvajanja v bazenčkih :)

We had an amazing weekend :) We tried our new zipline in Planica and it was a great experience! It was scary and amazing at the same time :) We stayed at those cute wooden cottages in Bled for one night and the next day visited a wiev point and enjoyed the most gorgeous view on Bled! What can I say….great new adventures with great friends! 

Wish you all a lovely week and happy holidays!



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