Tbt: Korzika part 1.
















Te dni sam razmišlam kam bi spet rada šla! Pa sm se spomlna kako noro sva se mela z Žanom na Korziki :) Sm mogla spet mal čez fotke in se odločila, da mormo letos nujno kej podobnga splanirat…hehe! Mam pa seveda tolk fotk za pokazat, da bom to objavo mogla razdelit na tri al pa celo štiri dele. Upam da vam bodo všeč in da tut vas prime za tak bolj aktiven dopust :)

The last few days all I have in my head is what is my next adventure going to be :) So I remembered our last trip to Corsica and I couldn´t help my self and posted some of our photos :) As you know by now I always have million of them so I´ll probably make four posts about this trip…hahahaha :)


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