Weekly snapshots.




1. Malo uživancije na tko lep dan :) Končno fajn vreme in men fajn temperature :) // A little bit of fun on this lovely and sunny day :)


2. Še vedno urejam miljaužnt fotk iz našga jadranja…hehe :) Sej bom hitr porihtala! :) // Still working on a post and editing million of photographs from our sailing trip :)


3. Obožujem suši :) :) Dons sm ga kupla v hoferju in morm rečt, da me niso glih prepričal. // I loove sushi and I bought it today in Hofer and I must say I was disappointed.


4. Komej čakam, da vam pokažem vse fotke, katere sva nardila na poti na Ablanco :) // Can´t wait to show you all the photos we made on our way to Ablanca :)


Wish you all a lovely day! :)


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