Lunch time.





Prvič sprobane špinačne testenine: check :) Mislm, da mi je kr dobr uspel glede na to, da jih je pojedu tut moj Žan..hehehe.

Kako sm nardila omakico? Na ponvici sem popekla špinačo, rukolo in češnjeve paradižničke. Dodala malce smetane za kuhanje, česen, sirček, kurkumo in viola :) V ponvico z omako sm sam še stresla skuhane špinačne rezance in se veselo lotila kosilčka :) Kako pa vam zgleda tale pojedina? :)

It was the first time I tried the spinach noodles :) Loved it and I think it really was good since even my Žan ate all of it :P

How did I do it? :) I put some cherry tomatoes, spinach and arugula in the pan and let it turn a little bit brown. Then I added a bit of cooking cream, cheese, turmeric, garlic and viola :) The sauce was ready. I just added cooked noodles and enjoyed it :P What do you think about that? :)



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