Road trip.




No pa smo nazaj doma iz našga dopusta. Teh par dni na off sm res rabila in morm rečt da je blo noro fajn! :) Res je blo velik ene vožnje ampak vredno vsake minute. Nardil smo čez 1800 km, obiskal Sarajevo, Ulcinj, Kotar, Mostar in še in še :) Evo, za začetek ena skupna fotka, ostalo pa pride takoj, ko uspem uredit pa na kup dat vs materjal…hehe :)

Sadly we are back home from our roadtrip…hehe :) I really needed this few day off and I would be on the road at least a few days more if it was possible :) We visited Sarajevo, Ulcinj, Mostar, Kotar,…and It was great! We made more than 1800 km and spent so many hours on the road, but it was worth every minute! 

Wish you a great day! :)



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