Hair desire.









So here is my decision…I will have a long blonde hair :) I´m already blonde so this was the easiest part. Now I just have to wait like a million yeast for them to grow…hehehe :) I´m not really a patient person so this is going to be interesting :P But we´ll see how it goes. Do you guys have any advice for faster hair growth so I don´t go crazy waiting? :) :)

Odločitev je padla :) Mela bom dolge blond lase…heheheh :) Blond sm že sam za takole dolžino bom mogla pa še neki časa čakat :P Glede na to da sm ˝mal˝ nepotrpežljiv človek glede določenih stvari bo tale kr težka zame ampak bomo vidl kako mi bo uspeval :) Imate mogoče kakšne nasvete, da laski hitreje rastejo? :)

Wish you all a great Sunday!


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