Weekly snapshots.






Nekej fotk tega tedna :)

Prvič sprobala matcha čajček in sm kr navdušena, sam bo treba kupt še tisto ˝metlco˝ za mešanje..hehe :) V sredo po službi smo si z Andrejo prvoščle eno pivo v Piranu in res izkoristle popoldan. Za vikend pa mi je uspel skočt še do Ribnice, da sm mal vidla Nejko, Nejca pa mami. Pestr tedn, ni kej ..hehe :)

Some snapshots from this week :) I tried matcha tea for the first time and was really impressed.  On Wednesday me and Andreja decided to go to Piran after work and took a ton of photos, enjoyed some beer and watched beautiful sunset :) And on Friday I visited my family in Ribnica. Busy week..hehe :) I hope you had a great weekend as well :)


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