Yesterday we had a dinner at this amazing place called Strelec in a beautiful castle in Ljubljana. This dinner was a little celebration because my Žan just graduated from college :) I couldn´t be more proud of him! We celebrated with his family and it was great. The food was so good…hehe :) You know how I love to eat and I must say that this was one of the best dinners I have eaten in my life…hehehehehe.

No tko je pa učeri zgledal moj popoldan :) Imeli smo večerjo na Ljubljanskem gradu v Strelcu in morm rečt, da so me čist navdušl. Hrana je bla noro dobra, razgled pa neverjetn :) Včerjali smo z Žanovo družino, da smo proslavili njegovo diplomo in morm rečt, da sm res ponosna na njega! Zdej morm pa v akcijo, da bom čimprej tut jst na vrsti..hehe :)


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