Weekly snapshots.






1.  So excited about new photos we did with Enja :) This time with my favorite ( and only :P ) hat. // Čist vesela, da vam kmal lahko pokažem nove fotke, tokrat z mojim najljubšim in edinim klobučkom v moji omari :)

2. Just another photo of our coffee break :) // Še ena fajn fotkica s kofetkanja..hehe

3. I just fell in love with those cute pink sneakers from Zara :) I didn´t buy them though…hehe. // Čist sm se zalubla v tele lušne supergice iz Zare. Sicer jih nism kupla ampak sm jih mogla usaj poslikat..hehehe :)

4.Finally decided to start school again. I hope this time everything will work out the way I plan it and I will finish this one and for all. I think I need new supplies just for some inspiration…heheh :) // Pa sm se odločla, da nadaljujem z mojim faksom. Upam, da bo šlo use po planu, držte pesti…hehe.

Wish you a lovely week!


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