Yesterday we did it again :P Enja took the most amazing photos and I can´t wait to show you guys how great they are. I love those days when we get together to make photos like this. All the process of getting everything styled together, excitement before taking photos (except the part where I have to carry all the bags and stuff with me and I look like I´m going away for a week…heheheh :D :D :D ), and the part where we sit and enjoy our well deserved coffee and talk. I love the fact that we became friends and we can talk about everything :P So I hope we´ll be able to entertain you with our work for as long as possible :)

No pa sve učeri spet laufale okol in spet nardile ful dobrih fotk :) Komi čakam, da vam pokažem kako je šlo. Ful so mi ušeč dnevi k se zmenve za fotkanje. Vse priprave kaj oblečt, moje navdušenje ( in še vedno mal žiučnosti :P ) pred fotkanjem, edin ta del k morm use stvari sabo trogat in zgledam k ena sherpa k se odpraula na Himalajo…hehehe, pa seveda k use končave in se usedeva na eno zasluženo kavico in počvekave o vsem možnem :) Res sm vesela, da sve se tok fajn ujele in da obe uživave v tem. Jah kaj nej rečm…upam da nama bo uspel nardit še tolk dobrih fotk, da nama bo zmankal placa na disku…heheheh :)


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