Weekly snapshots.







Hei hei! Evo neki slikc mojga tedna :) Ta tedn je blo use okol učenja in planiranja o tem kako naj v svoj urnik dodam še telovadbo, boljšo hrano in mal več spanja. Res sm sita tega, da mam čist premal časa za vse, kar pomen da ful slabo jem, nč ne telovadm, premal spim in pol sm skos neki na pol bolna. Res morm nardit en dobr plan pa se ga držat. Se pa morm pohvalt, da sm šla v tork prvič na vodeno vadbo joge :) Rada bi probala še pilates pa TNZ in se pol odločila za neki od tega in dala na svoj urnik dvakrat na tedn. Vam javim in mal napišem kako je šlo in kako sm zadovoljna z vadbami :) Kakšne mate pa ve kej izkušnje z vodenimi vadbami? 

Hey there babes! Here are some snapshots from my week :) This week was all about studying and trying to do a more healthy food and exercise plan. My mood and my energy level is just so bad and I´m so tired of being sick all the time. I really need to do something about it. I also visited a yoga class for the first time and I´m going to put that on my schedule every Tuesday :) I also want to try pilates and some other workouts, and I can´t wait to tell you all about it :)




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