Jeans skirt.



Well……It is kind of a big deal for me to buy a skirt…hehehe :) I usually never wear it because I´m more of a trousers kind of girl :) I don´t know how to sit in a skirt and feel a bit uncomfortable all the time. But I fell in love with this one and it looks really good with a regular t-shirt so I´m going to try it and not look like an idiot in it…heheh :) Do any of you have similar problems like me? :)

No evo….tut čudeži se dogajajo..hehehe :) Prvič po stotih letih sm si kupla kiklco. Ponavadi sm definitivno bl za hlače kr se v njih res bolš počutm :) Ne rabm skrbet kako se usest, kako hodt..itd. Ampak v tole sm se pa res zalubla pa ful dobr izpade z navadno majčko kar je definitivno plus. Bomo vidl kako bom tole izpelala brez da izpadem k en lolek :) A je tut kšna med vami k se ubada s takimi problemi? :P


Love, Nastja  ♥


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